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[Cryptocurrency deposit service] Reasons to use Haru Invest rather


Hello, Guys. Today I'm going to talk about my personal reason why I invested in Haru Invest, which it's known as the company with the highest rate of crypto return among the cryptocurrency deposit services. Many people don't have crypto currency for a long term periord. Lots of people want to make profits through short-shot trading. Rarely there are people who hold it for a long time sometimes. I tend to watch it for a long term. I'd like to explain the reason why 



Ratio fight

As you all know, the way to make money in the world. There's a profit based on the ratio. The bigger the stakes, the more money you make. The same goes for stocks. The betting game that came out in the squid game, too. It's the same for card games like poker. I felt this when I was on Go-Stop online(Korean Poker Game) At first, I earn money by playing hard in a $1 per score room. And the more you go up to the top. The bet will go up from $50 to $500 per score. At that time, I earn hundreds of thousands of dollars.
In the end, it's kind of empty. The bet amount per score is high, so you get all-in-one when you lose it.



What I felt then... Ah, the proportion is important. No matter how much money you have, if you lose it in proportion, there's no business. But when you earn money, it goes up in proportion. If you manage your mental strength and winning rate well, Like how I made it easily from 100 dollars to 300 dollars, I thought I could make $10,000 for $30,000 or $100,000 into $300,000
Everything depends on your mind control. People who don't have money are attracted to games with high winning rates. If you have a lot of money, even if you earn 5% a year, You looking for products that are stable and protect depositors



I lost money

Let's go back to 2017. I lost money through crypto currency trading. Back then, the principle also was proportion fight. At the time, I earned and lost thousands of dollars. When I made some money, I thought it was because I did well. And then I lost a lot of the money I invested in.

If I had left the crypto alone In 2021. I would have recovered everything and made more money. For 2 to 3 years, I bought and sold it to recover it. But Only the number of coins decreased. In conclusion, I recovered all my losses at the end of last year, I've entered the profit section.



Get to know Haru Invest

Let's go back to the beginning of last year. I got to meet a cryptocurrency deposit service called Haru Invest
Simply put, if you put a coin in, it gives you interest. It depends on the coin, but the annual interest rate goes back and forth at 20%. It was a high-interest coin deposit service. It's been more than 2 years since it was stablished(Block Crafters). There was never a day when I didn't pay that interest for two years, It's like that right now, too.

But most of the sites that give high interest rates, I've seen a lot of scams or Ponzi scheme. I didn't even pay attention to it at first. And then I saw a lot of articles about this company on online media. In conclusion, based on its own strength, Crypto Management continue to pay high returns to those who have deposited them. It will continue to be like that... That's what it was about.

I started thinking about investing. If the annual interest rate is 20%, if you deposit 10,000 dollars, even if I don't do anything, after a year, it becomes 12,000 dollars. Next year, it's interest on compound interest, so it's going to be $14,400. If you calculate interest on compound interest, I thought it would double in 5 years and quadruple in 9 years. So I started digging into this company in detail.



And in conclusion, I decided to invest. As you know, coins are highly volatile. No matter how much interest you get,
There's a possibility that Bitcoin will rise or fall. That's right. So it's not an easy decision to make a long-term investment for a year. You will have a lot of worries. Should I sell this or not? If you're lucky, you can earn a few percent at a time. It's a service that gives only 20% per year, Should I be tied up? Nevertheless, I decided to invest
That's what I'm doing.

Because Compared to the efforts and time taken away by short-term trading, I couldn't make that much profit.
I can't trade all day long. And when you just bury it, I saw a lot of people who made a lot of money. If I had buried it in 2017, I thought that I would have made more money. I was going to bury it here and do something else at that time.

In addition, major coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, not alt, in the long run, it's showing an upward graph.
I often regretted it, but it went up more than the price I sold, so I didn't buy it again, but eventually it went up more.
You can just buy a blue chip coin and bury it. And if you get interest, I thought I could catch two rabbits at once. So I invested in Haru Invest. 

If this company doesn't disappear with money, thought it would be okay to get interest in that way. If compounding is calculated at an annual interest rate of 20%, $10,000 will be $17,280 in 3 years. But if you invest in stocks or dollars, I do get dividends or interest. But 1 stock doesn't make 2 stocks for the most part. That's why the rate of return and compound interest are surprising. So, I chose the way to receive coins when I put them in



Is it a reliable company?

In terms of stability and reliability, In fact, no coin service in the world can be protected by depositors designated by the country. Upbit, Bithumb, and Binance are like that, too. But if you ask me why I trust Haru Invest, It was established in the fall of 2019, I've been receiving interest every single day. And I can tell you that I saw the company's long-term direction positively as it continues to release interesting new services. 

I've never lost money in the past. Except for the recently released Defi products(farming), I've been receiving interest every day. So, I was able to trust the company's past, Profitability was good, too. Then I'll just trust it. If you ask me if I'll be forever for the next 20 to 30 years, I'm not sure about that. But if you ask me how I can trust the company and deposit my golden coin. If you don't trust, you can keep it in your clod wallet



The advantage of increasing the number of coins

To explain the advantages of increasing the number of coins. If the value of Bitcoin has increased over the past year,
And if there's 20% more interest, I'll be able to earn more money. But coins may fall off. If that happens. There's a 20% increase in the number, I can sort of hedge it. It might have fallen more than 20%, If not, it's a good defense
Of course. If it falls by more than 50%, Even if the number increases, it might not help at all. But in my case,
Since there is a belief that Bitcoin and Ethereum will rise to the right in the long run. It can be a good choice for long-term investors like me.

It's called the compound compounding effect. There's one advantage that you can earn more when the market goes up. If the price doesn't go up or down, And it maintain the box pattern, The number of coins is increasing by the promised interest. You’ll make money. When the market falls, The number of coins is increasing as promised.
It's the driving force behind the next growth period. It's called MENGING*. You will be able to do mental hedging. As you know, it's going to rise again. Then, you can see the benefits again



I'm heading towards my goal

So I didn't invest all my money in cryptocurrency. I'm doing various activities for passive income. Until those things go over the salary one day, there are a lot of things going on. I'm running towards my goal little by little. Anyway, I started investing for a long term in coins. I signed up and invested in it. There's really nothing to do now. All you have to do is watch.
I talked about how I got to do Haru Invest and how I experienced it. If you want to get an Extra annual interest rate of 0.2%, You can sign up through the referral link below. So far today, I shared my experience in investing in cryptocurrency.

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